This Is My Kingdom Now

This Is My Kingdom Now

Our favorite Scotsman is back with his fourth solo album, being released May 12! You can buy it here, knowing that any autographed copies will contribute to an old man’s hand cramp.

The track listing:

  1. My Name Is God
  2. Fallen Trees
  3. This Is My Kingdom Now
  4. Sydney Harbour Bridge
  5. Crybabies
  6. Failing To See
  7. The Dead Sea
  8. Abandoned Sons
  9. Hey Polly
  10. I Love The Sea
  11. I’ll Leave It To You
  12. Two People
  13. My Soul Is Stolen

The first music video, Failing To See is not, as you may expect, just a black frame!

Sydney Harbour Bridge is a video in which all visuals of a bridge have been artfully replaced by a man’s wistful visage.

The Album Sampler Video includes Justin’s description of each song, plus a clip — enough to whet the palate!