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New bulletin on Myspace (Read 1633 times)
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New bulletin on Myspace
01/08/10 at 12:19:25
To anybody still out there who is interested, I have a new record coming out this spring called The Great War. As a result, in a cheap and desperate bid to promote the thing I have uploaded some bonus tracks and an album track on my page and will be visiting regularly to see what you think, if you care or if you have all migrated to FarceBook where I also now have a page. I don't know my way around that site so my friend, Jaine Henderson will be helping administer both sites. I will still be checking my inbox here and trying to get out any news via the blog bit of MySpace which I prefer because I can put music up there and I know my way around. But both pages should end up with mostly the same (non-audio) content so it's up to you where you want to catch up, if at all.
I have been suffering from a technical problem on MySpace where I don't appear to have been receiving any friend requests for quite some time so apologies to anyone you know who has been ignored. This could, of course, simply be that nobody wants to be my friend and with tits like mine, who could blame them.

Happy new year and I hope you enjoy the new music as I sneak it shamefully into the court of public opinion under a woollen blanket. You can always spot it by the scuffed shoes...


I can't see a new page on Facebook yet though. I remember seeing Jaine in something to do with the Misery gigs. Good stuff.  Smiley
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