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Message started by Tintagel on 03/26/07 at 12:57:46

Title: In The Frame
Post by Tintagel on 03/26/07 at 12:57:46
This is probably old hat to all of you - especially ones who have gone to many a gig but.....I love In the Frame and I espcially love the harmony which is different than on most. I am thinking that it is actually Justin doing all parts??? What say you.   Am I right or is it Iain just singing louder than usual?

And just as an aside-I am listening to Out Falls the Past and I just love the brass on it - makes the song so much richer.

Unfortunately by allowing me on here you have created a monster. I can talk Del all day. It is presently consuming my life.

Anyway, enough drooling and back to the workhouse.

Title: Re: In The Frame
Post by djh on 03/26/07 at 19:18:49
If my memory serves me, Justin is doing the major portion of the harmonies.  But, I could be wrong, Dave could be in there as well.  

On SOSP, they had Iain and Jon do alot of the harmonies, that way it would sound more organic when performed live in concert.

I think they asked Andy if he would stand in the corridor when they were recording vocals.......   ;D  Sorry Andy!!!

Title: Re: In The Frame
Post by Tintagel on 03/26/07 at 22:06:03

Title: Re: In The Frame
Post by Burke on 05/17/07 at 10:45:32
I've noticed that Ian's harmonies blend rather seamlessly with JC's on various tracks, so I always find t hard to figure out where his vocals drop in on a track.

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