Kris Dollimore

Kris joined Del Amitri in June of 1997, after the release of Some Other Sucker’s Parade, to fill in for Jon McLoughlin, who left shortly after the album was recorded. As he joined during the SOSP tour, Kris was forced to learn the set list in only a few weeks; this made it harder for the Dels to take audience requests during the tour, as “the new guy” didn’t know the older, less widely recognized songs. Kris has since become an integral member of the band; in fact, he and Iain own a studio together and produce the work of other artists (such as Eileen Rose). Before joining Del Amitri, Kris played with Adam Ant as well as The Godfathers. Before the Godfathers, he was a member of The Major Setback Band at the tender age of 16.