Justin Currie: Del Amitri and me

The Scotsman interviews Justin Currie

The Scotsman interviews Justin Currie about his new album, Del Amitri, his love life, and reality tv:

His most showbizzy offers thus far have been “teaser emails” from the TV hucksters wondering if he’d be interested in various reality shows. “One of them was I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! I like that one – it’s light entertainment – but had to say: ‘I’m not a celebrity and you can’t get me in there.’” Then there was the friend of a friend who asked if he’d play at a wedding. “I didn’t know the people getting married, didn’t think I had the songs for a wedding – you’re talking about the guy who used to cheerfully insert ‘misogynistic’ into his own press releases – and so politely declined. But I kept getting asked and the price kept going up.” What did it reach? “£6,000. But I wouldn’t, couldn’t, have done it – not even for half a million.”