By John Dingwall

SCOTLAND’S best known frontman has gone all eccentric on us to form The Uncle Devil Show.

His trio in synthetic zebra- skin waistcoats claim to be ex-cruise ship drummer Terrence and former postal workers Jason Barr and Langton Herring.

But bassist Jason is rock star Justin Currie, who fronted Scots rock greats Del Amitri.

The band broke up after being dumped by Mercury records last year, so the singer sacked his stylist and formed the band under a new name.

Claiming to be mute, he communicates only by pen and paper. Brothers Kevin (Langton) and Jim McDermott (Terrence) complete the lineup but, refusing to step out of their absurd alter-egos, they insist the band is no joke.

Terrence said: ‘I come from a cabaret background. got sacked on a Saga cruise for playing DVDs of Titanic and The Poseidon Adventure.

‘I worked a post office night shift for a couple of years and met Jason there. We wrote songs. Jason introduced me to Langton and we have a great collection. We will tour soon.’ As I stare at Jason’s four-inch platforms, he rips a page from his pad which reads: ‘I was expelled from school for tampering with an otter.’

The band’s name is taken from an episode of The New Twilight Zone TV series, but with dress sense more akin to Siegfried & Roy, the jury is still out on whether we’re ready.

The album, A Terrible Beauty, is due out in April. Judge for yourselves on

Scottish Daily Record: February 28, 2004